This news video talks about Kentucky’s new court ruling allowing relatives who foster children to receive subsidy. Previously, if the foster child lives with a relative, the relative has to cover all costs. This change in Kentucky’s law will help children receive better care.

News for other states working on the foster system include Idaho, Texas and Oregon. In Idaho, the Division of Child Welfare is requesting a 20% increase in the funds that are paid to foster parents. The purpose? To bring Idaho up to the level of other states and to help good foster parents on providing better care.

In Texas the proposed plan is to make DFS its own entity, separate from other government agencies. While the idea is being aimed to focus more intently on the kids in foster care, those who argue against this change are concerned that administration will be more concerned about structuring the organization than they will be about the children. At the same time, Texas is reaching out and joining forces with Network of Nurture to help train foster parents. “Providing the support that foster and adoptive families need is a bigger job than state government can do alone,” the letter reads in part. “We believe this collaboration has the potential to provide much-needed support to thousands of foster and adoptive families in Central Texas. But, the need for this kind of support is not unique to Central Texas. We want to see similar collaborations happening all over the state.”

In Oregon, Every Child and Embrace Oregon are two initiatives that will allow those who want to help in the foster care system to participate in a variety of ways – not just in becoming foster parents. With the slow decline in foster parents in Oregon, these initiatives are expected to help those who are already foster parents, as well as those who would like to find additional ways to contribute.