On a particularly slow news day, as far as technology goes, WCCF Tech writer, Ramish Zafar, dug deeper into the technology legend we all know, Steve Jobs.

The brilliant businessman, whose life ended quite young, was placed for adoption at birth. Now, Steve’s birth father, Abdulfattah Jandali, has spoken out about his regrets. “If we had just held off for a few months, then we would have been able to raise Steve as our own, but sadly, that was not the case,” Jandali said. “We often spoke of our son and how we both wished he was with us, especially when Joanne gave birth to Steve’s sister, Mona.”

Jandali and Steve’s birth mother, Joanne Simpson, continued their relationship. They married and had a daughter after Steve was placed for adoption. But, reunification never happened. Sometimes, there is no happy ending …

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