You might recognize Steven Curtis Chapman from Christian radio stations, his many music albums, or as a Grammy recipient winner. But another title Steven has to his name is that of a founder/philanthropist. Steven and his wife, Mary Beth, are creators and founders of Show Hope.

Show Hope is a nonprofit organization that provides families adoptive aid grants, has created international care centers for orphans, and offers pre and post-adoption support. Show Hope partners with church communities to provide matching grants alongside of a family’s church community. While the goal of the church is to help orphans, many just do not have the financial means. On How to Adopt’s website, the following was stated: “The NAIC found that while one-third of Americans have considered adoption, only 2% will ever adopt. Furthermore, as many as 48% of those who consider adoption turn to their ‘house of worship’ for information and support, according to DFTA. Unfortunately, most churches are not equipped to help. As a result, the vast majority of potential adoptive families go no further.”

Steven Curtis Chapman is not only the founder of Show Hope, but he is also a leader in creating How to Adopt. It is a very informative website where families can learn more about adoption, see if adoption might be a good fit for them, and read real-life adoption testimonies. It is also a site that can aid churches in how to get involved in the adoption movement.

Adoption is not a foreign concept to Steven and his family. It first grew in their hearts during a mission trip. Already having three biological children, they then adopted their daughter Shaohannah from China. After many comments and questions about adoption that were asked of them, Show Hope was formed.

They continued to build their family through adoption. Unfortunately, in 2008, one of their daughters was hit and killed by a car in their driveway. They created a memorial fund in her name of which the proceeds go towards Show Hope. Steven stated it best in a local news article: “We are always quick to say it’s not about us. We banged on the drum and had a megaphone to our mouth and helped lead the charge, but it’s more about the incredible community which has charged forward with us. We’re humbled and grateful. There’s still great needs and many families who are wanting to receive help to bring a child home. And we haven’t been able to help them all yet. So we’re still telling the story, asking others to help us help more families.”