Las Cruces, New Mexico, just welcomed a super child into a super family through adoption. It was one of Judge Fernando R. Macias’s last adoption hearings. Judge Macais determined years ago that adoption hearings would be more celebratory than the norm. He’s also a criminal judge and sees the differences between those who are cared for with stable families and those who struggle through life and take to the streets. “We need more members of the community, more parents to step up,” he said. “We need to have an 100 percent success rate in having children who are available for adoption placed [in permanent homes].”

When 5-year-old Michael walked into the court room with his soon-to-be permanent family, Judge Macais was pleased. Then the judge noticed that the family members were dressed alike. Each member wore a white button down shirt, fully opened to reveal a superman t-shirt beneath. In his 10 years of handling adoptions, this was the first fully themed adoption the judge had presided over. Little did Michael’s family know that Judge Macias is a huge Superman fan himself!

The court ceremony became light-hearted when Michael’s mother was sworn in. The judge asked her to raise her right hand and said: “Do you swear to be faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and do you promise to be able to jump over buildings in a single leap, and further do you promise to follow truth, justice and the American way?” Michael’s mother continued with the fun theme and the adoption was completed.

Judge Macias said he had no idea the family would come in as a super family. Had he known, he would have worn his own superman shirt beneath his robe! After the adoption was finalized, the judge invited Michael and his family to his chambers. There, sitting on his shelves, was an admirable superman collection belonging to the judge. Macias asked the family about choosing a superman theme and Michael’s mother answered that of course they would choose Superman! After all, Superman was adopted too!

You can read all about Michael and his super family here.

Photo: Isaac Palafox-Palamora Photography