It was one year ago when a two-hour-old infant was brought to the Garden Grove Fire Station in California. The birth mother, knowing she couldn’t care for her baby, courageously acted on California’s Safe Surrender Program and handed the infant boy over to firefighters.

Caleb’s parents recognize the sacrifice and great love shown for him when his birth mother chose to give him his best chance at life. They told CBS Local, “Caleb will grow up knowing that you [the birth mother] are a hero and that we love you. And … if you ever want to find us someday, … we are absolutely open to that, because the more people that love him, the better.”

Firefighters enjoyed their little Christmas visit. Caleb was happy and compliant as the men at the fire station each took a few moments to smile at him and visit with him.

The video of this fire station reunification may be watched at Los Angeles CBS Local.