With Texas being the second highest state in in the nation to receive calls reporting sex trafficking, and with a large number of trafficked children coming from the foster care system, lawmakers are now preparing to help. One of those helps will be “The Refuge,” a long-term care facility that will house up to 40 teenage females who have been rescued from being trafficked.

“It’s easier for them to grab a kid off the street who’s just run away, who’s run away from four, five, six times already from four or five, six different types of abuse – not as many people are out there looking for that kid unfortunately. So that’s the reason they are a target,” said Steven Phenix, one of the advocates for the state’s children.

With hundreds of reports of neglect and abuse not getting response, state officials realize it’s now time to overhaul the system and find ways to protect the state’s most vulnerable citizens.

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