Reality TV stars Caitlynn and Tyler Baltierra (MTV’s “16 and Pregnant”) address fans on the Teen Mom official Facebook page regarding open adoption. The couple answered a variety of questions, including one about their birth daughter, Carly, and her knowledge about her “real parents.” 

While Tyler and Caitlynn placed their first child for adoption in a very public manner as reality TV fans watched, eventually the young couple married and had another child. But they maintain that placing Carly for adoption was the right move. And they clarify, in their Facebook Q & A session, who Carly’s “real parents” actually are. 

Acknowledging their status as birth parents, Caitlynn and Tyler make it very clear that Carly’s adoptive parents, Brandon and Teresa, are Carly’s parents.  They are the ones raising her, she is their daughter, and Brandon and Teresa are Carly’s mom and dad.

Watch the video here.