“Life is short,” or “Live in the moment.” We have all heard these quotes, but sometimes I think we believe they don’t apply to us. Stacy Estel, 44 years old, and his stepfather Chuck found out the importance of not putting off something that is meaningful and saying “tomorrow.” Stacy’s biological father was never in the picture and he was raised by Chuck. They talked often about Chuck adopting Stacy and making their relationship official. But it was never completed.

Then, Chuck became terminally ill, so finalizing the adoption officially became of greater urgency. “When death is standing at your door and you’re starting to think about the things you maybe should have done but you didn’t do, that’s when you start to try to knock off everything you can,” Stacy stated.

They completed the paperwork but, unfortunately, Chuck was admitted to the hospital one day before their scheduled adoption court hearing. The community knows the importance of this adoption to Stacy and Chuck and is working hard to make it a reality.

This is the power of undying love. I hope that this story speaks to many people about the love of family. It also shows and reminds our society that you don’t have to be biological or blood relatives to have that love. I hope that their city’s officials can work together to make Stacy and Chuck’s dream come true.

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