James and Kris Buescher have lived in the fast lane, with James being a successful NASCAR driver. After marrying three years ago, they began the struggle that is familiar to so many: starting a family. Being told it would be “hard” for them to get pregnant, they jumped right in to the adoption arena. With all of James’ NASCAR wins, money wasn’t an issue. Still, the shock that their first child cost double what they expected ($60,000), got them thinking, especially as they developed relationships with other couples who were working to have a family and found that many of their friends struggled with finances.

Kris and James started the Buescher Foundation Dallas on November 1st because “all children need a loving family who can help them grow into delightful individuals.” They offer financial and other resources to hopeful adoptive families. There is no income requirement to be eligible for a grant through the Buescher Foundation. If you have been approved by an agency or facilitator, submit an application, and their adoption board will review it. Grants are awarded at the end of each quarter. Donations from individuals and organizations are welcome and will go “towards finding a child a forever home.”