My hubby and I love to meet new people. And in almost all budding friendships there comes a moment when your friends get curious. “So . . . why did you adopt?”

I love it when my hubby and I are together when we get asked this question. There is always this knowing look: How do you tell someone about years of discussions in an appropriate response time? In the beginning of our adoption journey I would always panic at this point and overshare about our infertility issues. Awkward for everyone. But over time I realized that Why did you adopt? is not really the question they are asking. What they really want to know is Why did you choose adoption? And that is a great question because every single adoptive parent will have a different answer for you.

We chose adoption because we had reached a point in our infertility treatments where the next treatment would be as expensive as adoption, a plan we had already talked about for years. We looked at the beautiful families we knew who had been blessed by adoption and our decision was clear. We were meant to be adoptive parents.

And while we will all have differences in how we arrived at the choice to adopt, what every adoptive parent I know has in common is love: love of family and a desire to have a family. A heart overflowing with love for the birth family and child they have yet to meet. One of my favorite adoption mottos is a quote from Willa Cather, who said, “Where there is great love, there are always miracles.” I feel strongly that one of the reasons adoption works is because every individual involved has arrived at that same destination because they chose love.

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