Allison and Josh found each other in college, fell in love, married, and planned their family. They decided on three, maybe four children. But things didn’t go as planned. After biological child #3 was born, the couple was blessed with an adoption opportunity. They jumped at the chance and their adopted child, Micah, joined the family.

Not long later, biological child #4 came and the family felt absolutely complete with five children. A happy family, and a busy family, Josh and Allison were surprised when they were approached by a friend—an adoption attorney—who needed an adoptive family for her child who would soon be born.

One thing led to another, and while Josh and Allison were on the road to travel the ten hours in time to be there for the delivery, the attorney called once more. This time to tell them that there wasn’t one child, but two. The attorney added that the second twin was very small and had severe problems—in fact, she had no brain. But this loving family didn’t hesitate. They welcomed their son and their daughter, wishing only that the time with their daughter could be prolonged.

This is the touching video of Josh and Allison and their love for God and for their children.  You can read the full story here.