Hoda Kotb, an outgoing TV personality with a very positive spirit, is well known for her role on the Today Show. And recently, Hoda took on a new role: that of mom to Haley Joy. That adoption made this year’s World Adoption Day very special for her.

Hoda has had her share of struggles. She went through a divorce and a fight with breast cancer. But now, she is dating the “man of her dreams” and ecstatic to be a mother through the adoption of Haley Joy earlier this year. Haley Joy was born on February 14th and Hoda has called her “the love of my life.”

Hoda has always wanted to be a mother. She has a very close family support system with her mother, sister and nieces, whom she talks about frequently on the show. Hoda never thought adoption would be in her plan, but now feels like it was meant to be, her family is now complete. She said that it was an instant bond with her daughter. On World Adoption Day , Hoda said on the Today show, “When you adopt a baby you feel like that child – although they may not be your flesh and blood – you feel that they are yours.”

Hoda and Kathie Lee Gifford celebrated and gave recognition to World Adoption Day on November 9. They celebrated the day by drawing smiley faces on their hands, the symbol representing World Adoption Day. Throughout their show, they recognized families and the impact of adoption on those families and the impact of adoption on past and future generations. Hoda described adoption and the decision of birth mothers to place their child for adoption as “the ultimate form of love.”

It is very valuable for our society to see this kind of support and the love present in adoption. Many people have little or inaccurate information regarding adoption and the role of the birth mother. Communication plays a huge role in filling in these gaps in knowledge, so it is always great when known celebrities share their stories reflecting the positives and love involved in adoption.