“We aren’t making money, but we are making a life,” said Cori Salchert, mother of eight grown children and foster and adoptive mother to many more.

Her foster and adopted kids all have medical issues that have made it impossible for their birth parents to care for them. Rather than living their short lives in a medical facility, Cori and Mark Salchert, with the support of their children, bring these kids home and, if possible, adopt them.

They give these kids a family, regardless of how short their lives may be.  “God is love.  And he loves this little boy, and he loves us to love him and we get to keep a little of that,”  said Mark about their son Charlie. Charlie isn’t the only terminally ill child the Salcherts have adopted. Before Charlie was Emmalyn—a little girl born without either hemisphere of her brain. She didn’t live long, but was held and loved and cherished every single day of her life in the Salchert family.

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