“It is virtually impossible to study biology without environment,” states one of the experts in this 30-minute video segment from the 2011 film, Moving Forward.  “The genetic argument is simply a copout,” states another.

This video offers a new scientific look at the long-standing debate of nature vs. nurture. While it’s true that we each person is born with specific DNA and our DNA may predispose us to certain actions, the truth is that our environment helps draw out certain actions and ways of thinking, and helps to stunt others. This is not news to many adoptive parents who have provided loving, structured environments for children who have previously exhibited questionable behavior. And this is great news for all in the adoption triad!

We learn from these experts that it is life experience that really predisposes us to a variety of thoughts, feelings, and actions. This video is filled with science-proven expert thought that will interest many in the adoption world.