Diagnosed with endometriosis and other health issues that could prevent pregnancy, Carrie Kosinski and her husband, Craig, realized that if they were to fulfill their strong desire for a large family, they would begin with adoption. Carrie is an adoptee who grew up in a family of nine children. She knows what it’s like to have a ready friend at any given moment in the family.  And that’s what she’s always wanted for her children.

So when Carrie’s friend contacted her, asking if she would care for her twin babies due to be born in 2014, the couple was happy to help. They were given guardianship of the two adorable babies. A year later the children’s biological mother again contacted them. She had become unable to care for her first set of twins and asked if the Kosinskis would take them as well. And they did.

Around that time Carrie became pregnant through IVF and the result is…. Yep, you guessed it!  Twins. Remarkably, their biological twin girls were born on February 28th. ALL six of the children share the same birthday!

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