These twins were separated for 78 years. Let’s take a minute to put that into perspective here: 78 years ago it was 1936. The average house cost around $4,000 and a gallon of gas was $.10. The Hoover Dam was finished, President Roosevelt was re-elected for a second term, the Great Depression was in full force, and Germany broke the Treaty of Versailles.  World War II hadn’t even broken out yet.

Fast forward to today: the average house costs $150,000 and a gallon of gas . . . well, let’s not go there.  Since 1936, the world has seen wars, a cultural revolution, economic globalization, the birth of rock and roll, and the advent of the internet.  

And with the help of today’s modern advances, these two sisters, separated at birth in 1936, were able to find each other.

Ann Hunt and Elizabeth Hamel we born on February 28th, 1936 in Aldershot UK. On May 1st, 2014 they were brought together for a long overdue reunion. Even with the years separating them, ironically they shared similar lives: they were both married to men named Jim, they pray and laugh about the same things, amazingly, they even lived in the same city of Aldershot for a time.

The twins’ mother, Alice Alexandra Patience Lamb, worked as a domestic cook and was unable to care for both girls. Due to a curvature in Elizabeth’s spine, Alice decided she wasn’t suitable for adoption and raised her in Berkhamsted.

In 200, the search began after Ann found a copy of Elizabeth’s birth certificate. Ann’s daughter began researching through local newspapers, electoral rolls, and online forums. In 2013, the hard work came to fruition and the twins were able to make contact with each other.