Two sisters beat the odds. Child Protective Services gave last year’s statistics of Texas adoptions: only one out of five children were older than nine. But last week, Aubree, 10, and Christina, 12, were finally adopted in a Fort Worth courtroom.

Their new parents, Justine and Bill, were emotional throughout the court proceedings.

“I’m usually a rock,” Bill said with a tearful smile. “But, I love my daughters.”

Bill and Justine first saw their girls on a WFFA’s Wednesday’s Child report, a program that spotlights foster children in the hopes to spread more awareness about their situation in life.

During Wednesday’s Child last July, Christina proclaimed, “I always say when I get scared that God has a plan for me.” This was the phrase that caught Justine’s attention. She knew that Christina and Aubree needed to be a part of their family.

Tarrant Co. Judge Patricia Bennett was happy to officialize the adoption. She hopes that reports like these will inspire people to consider adopting older children.

Watch the video here.