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Unitarian ADOPTION


Unitarianism, and Unitarian Universalism is best categorized as a theological movement within Christianity. It originated in Poland and spread to England, where the British Unitarian church headquarters are still located. The most commonly known of the Unitarians is the Unitarian Universalist church, with an estimated 200,000 to 800,000  members in the United States.

The Unitarian religion is commonly known as a “Liberal” Christian denomination because of its progressive Christian beliefs, practices, and “free and responsible search for truth and meaning,”(4th principle of UU).


The name “Unitarian” derives from their belief that God is one being, instead of three persons as one entity like the rest of mainstream Christianity. They also reject other common Christian beliefs, such as the original sin, the infallibility of the Bible, the punishment of eternal hell, and others. The faith understands Jesus to be called of God and to be the Savior of mankind, but is not God himself.

Unitarians don’t have a specific belief in the nature of God, but often believe in the power of prayer and guidance. They often assume the name “Universalists” because of their shared search for spiritual growth, truth and knowledge. It is common for their beliefs to include pieces of Islam, Hinduism, Paganism, Atheism, Agnosticism, Daoism, and others.

They are guided by 7 principles of Unitarianism, but do not hold them as official doctrine. They have a strong belief in religion intermixing with modern science and that the two can work together. They rarely have official doctrine on topics, but are confident in finding answers together.

Adoption background

There is no official service or organization for adoption or foster care for all Unitarian churches; however, many Unitarian churches offer family and social services. Contact your local Unitarian church for more information on Unitarian adoption services.

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