“A woman’s decision to place for adoption is not easy and does not mean she did not want or love her child. But sometimes the world says otherwise.”

This video is very eye-opening and reveals many sides of adoption: that of the adoptive mother, that of the birth mother, and that of the adopted child. Too often, in our society, only the issues of the adoptive family and the child are considered, and the sacrifice and love given by the birth mother is not factored into the adoption circle.

This video shares many of the emotions and questions that birth mothers, adoptive mothers, and children who have been adopted have. One focus in the video addresses questions that one might be too hesitant to ask. For example, “What do birth mothers wonder about their children they have placed?” One birth mother wondered if her daughter is tall like her. Another wondered if her son is obsessed with candy like her. However, their main concern was that the son or daughter know they were placed out of love. They continue to love them, they hope their dreams are coming true, and they will never forget them.

It is so important to remember that placing your child for adoption is not “the easy way out” or a “cop out.”  It is a decision full of courage and sacrifice.

In the video, an adult, who was adopted as an infant, stated that he has never felt unwanted, he has only felt gratitude.  He knows the sacrifice made by his birth mother gave him the opportunities he has today.

I feel it is important for everyone to watch this video because it so wonderfully depicts all of the sides of adoption. Please share this video so that our society and our world can view it and understand adoption better. Never forget the “brave love” that is expressed every day by birth mothers all over the world.

“Loss is not a path we would typically choose. Yet every story of adoption begins with a woman and the voluntary loss of that which she loves most.”

BraveLove is a movement dedicated to changing the perception of adoption through honest, informative, and hopeful communication that conveys the heroism and bravery a birth mother displays when she places her child with a loving family through adoption. (un)Wanted is their new campaign that addresses how adoption is a loving decision that results from birth parents wanting the best for their children. BraveLove seeks to change the conversation surrounding adoption and provide a safe place for people to explore adoption.