Meet Adrianne and Jason Stewart—parents of four children, soon to be five. They have two biological children and two adopted children from the Philippines. Their adopted daughter, Maria, has made a big impact on their family and those who meet her.

The Stewarts fell in love with Maria when they first saw a photo of her at six months. Born without limbs, Maria was placed in an orphanage where she lived until joining the Stewarts at age two.

Now 3-years-old, Maria is learning to verbalize, gain muscle control and able to sit. She is even making friends at preschool twice a week. Adrianne feels that Maria’s mission in life is to lift others, and so Adrianne steps out of her comfort zone regularly to talk with strangers about Maria and the great joy she is to the Stewart family.

With the 1-year-anniversary of Maria’s adoption, the Stewarts created this YouTube video celebrating the gift of Maria. The family is now in the process of adopting another child.

Watch their story here.