Annaleece Merrill
How do you feel about this? Part of me understands the ICWA, because Native American culture is something that needs to be preserved and children deserve to have their culture be a part of their lives... but is 1.5% heritage enough to take her away from a family she's so vocal about wanting to stay ...
Obviously this is an emotionally charged video, but the law is the law. I think there are a lot of extenuating circumstances that the audience is not being made aware of, which only further intensifies the situation. From a personal view, this does not seem right. It seems like laws may need to be ...
I feel like this article gave a little more information about the situation:
This story is misleading, find the original court documents that detail a different story than what the FP's claim.
The media definitely can out their own spin on things, thats for sure. I just think the ICWA is an interesting idea, I haven't formed an opinion about it yet