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This is awesome!
Does your business find and screen these families first to make sure that first, they can be found, and second, that they want to be found and videotaped? While it is something I would consider for some of my distant family I am currently tracing, if my birth family had approached me this way I woul...
Hey Marissa - yes on both accounts. Everyone is vetted and everyone is made aware of the situation and can choose to opt out if they don't want to be a part of the show. Make sense?
I am interested. I just found out I’m adopted last year and I’m 49 years old! I was and still are devastated. I’m not sure how I feel day to day because it’s such a emotional roller coaster and I have such guilt now for my adopted parents that I love (d) so dearly. I’m not sure about conta...
Bethany Reed
: : For those wondering ... a quick online search shows this is a TV marketing tactic to promote and recruit their show not simply to help you locate your relatives regarding adoption. They aren't interested in helping you UNLESS you sign a contract with them to "compete" on this BYUTV reality TV sh...