Emily and Patrick Herndon have always had a love for children. They were unable to have children biologically, so the couple considered foster care. Emily was a teacher when she met Calvin, a student who was living in a group home. He was 16 at the time. Once their teacher/student relationship ended, Emily sought him through foster care. She found the process much less intimidating since she already knew him. Later, she and Patrick adopted Calvin. Since that time, they have adopted three more children through foster care.

The Herndons admit that the histories of kids in foster care look scary when they are written down on paper, but that shouldn’t keep them from getting a family. Patrick encourages parents with biological children to take part in fostering as well. The way he sees it, their kids attend school with them anyway.

There are many resources available for those interested in adoption through foster care. Most foster adoptions are free other than some minimal filing fees, and in most cases are eligible for the adoption tax credit.