Waco, Texas is oud in central Texas between the major Dallas-Fort Worth and Austin metropolitan areas. The benefit of Waco’s location is that there are many adoption professionals in the surrounding areas offering options for placement and adopting.  

Placing a Baby for Adoption in Waco

If you are expecting as a result of an unplanned pregnancy, you probably weren’t expecting adoption to become a part of your journey. If you have found yourself considering adoption, you can feel comfortable knowing that there are answers to the questions you may be having. 

Where do I start?

Speak with an adoption professional. You have no obligation to follow through with adoption by learning more about the process from a specialist, attorney, or agency. If you have immediate needs, an adoption specialist can help to address those as well. 

How can an agency help me?

Adoption agencies can be resources for financial, emotional, and physical support throughout your pregnancy and the adoption process. A good, ethical agency will provide counseling, a variety of parent profiles, supportive case workers, legal support, and the assurance that you have choices throughout the process. 

What kind of emotional support is out there?

The Gladney Center for Adoption provides lifetime counseling to the expectant mothers and birth mothers they work with. Counseling, therapy, and support groups are all options to mothers who experience the unique circumstances of the adoption.

How do I find a family?

Choosing to place a baby for adoption may come from your desire to give your child a life you may not be able to provide. How do you find someone that can? Parent Profiles are a collection of families who have been cleared to adopt through home studies. Some are associated with an adoption agency already. You can search through parent profiles to find a family you love and even reach out to families you are interested in learning more about. 

Will I stay in contact with the family after the adoption?

You have options about how much contact you choose to have with the family after the adoption takes place. Before the child is placed with the adoptive family, you can discuss what type of contact you’d like to have with the family moving forward. For some, an open adoption offers a stable relationship of scheduled visits and/or updates. Semi-open adoption is another arrangement where contact can be facilitated through an agency or attorney. In a closed adoption, identifying information for the adoptive and biological families are kept confidential.

Adopting a Baby in Waco

Once you’ve completed your adoption application and home study, you can post your own Parent Profile on Adoption.com to start connecting with expectant mothers considering adoption. Hopeful adoptive parents in Waco can connect with expectant parents locally or across state lines. Although adoption laws can vary from one state to the next, a trusted adoption agency can help facilitate the process. 

Adoption Agencies Near Waco, Texas

The Gladney Center for Adoption has offices in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and Houston, Texas. As a national agency, Gladney can help you connect with expectant and hopeful adoptive parents wherever you live. To get started, visit WacoTexasAdoption.com