I remember the day I met my daughters like it was yesterday. Some details are a bit hazy—after all, they were each a whirlwind in their own right—but I will never forget what it felt like when the loving arms of their birth mothers passed their sweet, precious baby girls into my own.

They went from one set of loving arms to another. And as bittersweet as those moments were for me—my joy of motherhood at the expense of their pain and sorrow—they are etched into my mind and heart as they are some of the most profound moments in my life.

From those moments in particular I’m able to say with confidence: Adoption is love.

It is a first family loving a child so much they’re willing to say good-bye.

It’s a birth family choosing a life for their child that they—for whatever reason—cannot provide in this season.

It is another family-in-the-making eagerly waiting to say, “We love you just as you are.”

It’s an unlikely friendship between otherwise strangers now bound together by a child they love.

Adoption is love.

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