I remember meeting you like it was yesterday.

The second you nervously walked through the door, it all made sense: You were the other piece to our daughter’s story; a significant part of her identity.

You share the same nose, and the same deep brown eyes that light up when you smile. And I’m sure there will be many other characteristics we’ll discover in the years to come that remind us of you.

I want you to know how grateful we are for you loving her and for you welcoming us into your life. For letting our daughter know her worth and how special she is. For showing her that fatherhood looks different for different families, and that’s okay.

I know there’s not a day that goes by where she doesn’t cross your mind.

Your validation and love for the precious daughter we share is important. Knowing she’ll grow up with the support of two men who set a strong example of fatherhood is more profound than any of us can comprehend right now.

This Father’s Day, we honor you. We respect you and recognize your selfless, unconditional love for a special little girl that connects us forever.

Thank you for being part of our daughter’s life and such an important part of our family.

Happy Father’s Day.