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When I Found You Under My Heart

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I looked at your future
It didn’t seem right
I knew we must part
My selfish feelings I did fight

I love you so
but I knew I must let you go
I cried & cried
my feelings I did hide

I searched through a book
I searched in my heart
Ron & Gina I did find
and it only took one look

I knew they would love you
I knew that they cared
about me, about you
and about everything I wanted
for you too.

I have ached in my heart
At times, my feelings have torn
me apart.

The days have flown,
and so beautiful you have
Blue eyes, blonde hair
and skin so fair.

You’re so tall, you’re so strong
I see your birthfather in you
Remember, he loves you too.

I will always be here for you
and loving you too.

I sometimes worry
about what tomorrow
will bring.

But, I know I did
for you, the most
important thing.

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