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  • ...ith Jesus and both his parents being listed, although none was [[adopted]] or fostered in the modern European-American sense of the terms, and both Josep [[Category: Adoption Celebrities]]
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  • ...e sources give 1928). His childhood is something he refuses to discuss and is subject to speculation. ...his has been interpreted to mean he was [[adopted]] or fostered, but there is no confirmation of this.
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  • ...and Alexander's empire is one of the primary reasons why European culture is based largely on Greek civilization. When he was about 25 he was adopted by [[Category: Adoption Celebrities]]
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  • O'Connor, Garry. "Is This Woman Peggy Ashcroft's Secret Sister?" Daily Mail [London], 6 January [[Category: Adoption Celebrities]]
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  • Cain's birth-father is Japanese-Irish and his mother is white; he identifies himself as Japanese, but has never had any contact wit [[Category: Adoption Celebrities]]
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  • lovers. Leonardo gave the young Caprotti the name Salaì (Little Devil, or Devil's Offspring), because of his almost intolerable behavior: continually Another protégé, the aristocrat [[Francesco Melzi]], is also believed to have been adopted by Leonardo.
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  • ...of convenience of two against the third. Sigibert was assassinated in 575 or 576 and succeeded by his young son, with his mother as regent. [[Category: Adoption Celebrities]]
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  • Childebert is usually reckoned to be the natural son of Grimoald I, the mayor of the pala [[Category: Adoption Celebrities]]
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  • ...rew up to be the greatest poet of Italian literature. His most famous work is the Divine Comedy. He was also a diplomat and politician, and his political [[Category: Adoption Celebrities]]
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  • ...of the Jewish false messiah Jacob Frank (born Jacob Leibowicz) (1726-91), whose movement was an outgrowth of that of Sabbatai Zvi in the previous century. ...of Empress Catherine the Great of [[Russia]] and an unknown father. There is no evidence to support this story. When Frank himself died in 1791 Eva beca
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  • ...mentary evidence of [[adoption]] to support this idea. The book's argument is rejected by most other scholars. [[Category: Adoption Celebrities]]
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  • ...n William S. White to an unmarried girl named Ethel White and [[adopted]] (or fostered - sources differ) by a coal miner's family named Hammond in Nuneat ...p humor and the fact that he never lost touch with his working-class roots or his home town, where he continued to live until his death from a burst appe
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  • ...g documents reportedly seized from Hitler's Munich home after World War II is a curious paper, apparently emanating after 1940 from the Gestapo. It sugge ...he particular paragraph where this is mentioned. Its author, David Irving, is a notorious anti-Semite, who denies Hitler's part in the Holocaust. I inclu
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  • ...of the first, a form of [[adoption]] which has some similarities to the [[adoption]] by the dead practiced in the 19th century by the [[Church of Jesus Christ ...nus, he had this explanation from members of Joseph's family, and the idea is apparently supported by differences in the wording of the texts: Matthew us
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  • MacBride is described in several sources as the "adoptive" grandson or great-grandson of Laura Ingalls Wilder (1867-1957), author of the Little Ho I can find no evidence of a formal [[adoption]], but after MacBride graduated from Harvard Law School (1954) he became he
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  • The hero of the medieval epic, the Song of Roland is described in a fourteenth-century Italian version, the Geste Francor, as th [[Category: Adoption Celebrities]]
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  • ...rts of modern [[Syria]], [[Iraq]], [[Iran]] and [[Turkey]]. His early life is largely a mystery. One ancient Sumerian legend states that he was the son o ...was able to attain his position, but the great king rising from obscurity is a common theme in ancient mythology, serving to emphasize his natural and g
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  • Ibrahim was the eldest [[adopted]] or birth son (sources disagree) of Muhammad 'Ali Pasha, viceroy of [[Egypt]], [[Category: Adoption Celebrities]]
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  • ...out Bustamante's early life, which he seems to have deliberately concealed or fabricated, but he was probably born in [[Jamaica]] into poverty, one of 13 [[Category: Adoption Celebrities]]
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  • Long Lance (born Sylvester Long) claimed to be a Blackfoot or Blackfoot-Cherokee chief. In fact he was almost certainly not a Blackfoot a ...stor. (Toronto: Macmillan of [[Canada]], 1982); the film Long Lance (1986) is based on this book
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