Joe Senser and Adoption

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Senser was raised in the Milton Hershey School in Pennsylvania. He played college basketball and football for West Chester University, then went to the Minnesota Vikings football team as tight end. He now owns several restaurants, including Joe Senser's Sports Bar and Grill in Egan, Minnesota, where he has been a backer of a plan (in April 2002) to build a large orphanage-children's home.

(The Milton Hershey School was founded by Hershey, the chocolate magnate, and his wife, who were childless. They endowed it heavily. It originally was for "poor, healthy, white, male orphans between the ages of 8 through 18," but its brief has been expanded to the point where it now functions essentially as a boarding school for about 1,000 boys and girls of all races, mostly from broken homes or inner-city neighborhoods.)


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