John Stradling and Adoption

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1563 - 1637

British scholar and politician

Stradling was born the son of Francis and Elizabeth Stradling, near Bristol. He was adopted by a wealthy distant relative (they shared a common great-grandfather), Sir Edward Stradling (1529-1609), and his wife, Agnes (1547-1624), of South Wales, who had no children.

John Stradling was famous as an exceptionally gifted student at Oxford before doing the Grand Tour and then returning to administer his adoptive father's estates. He married Elizabeth Gage (who was Agnes Stradling's neice) and they had 13 children. When Edward Stradling died, John (already created a knight) inherited enormous estates and became involved in politics. He was sheriff of Glamorgan (a political-ceremonial position), was created a baronet in 1611, deputy lieutenant of Glamorgan, and was member of Parliament for St. Germans (Cornwall), Old Sarum, and then Glamorgan, in 1623-26. He founded Cowbridge Grammar School.

During his life he also published a number of books on philosophy, religion and estate management, and volumes of poetry. [Last updated: 23 January 2005]


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