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  • ...heRichYoungRuler.jpg |410x579px|thumb|'''"Christ and the Rich Young Ruler" by Heinrich Hofmann, 1889'''<br />Source:}} ...oseph the Carpenter]]''', but literally the son of God. He was referred to by his contemporaries as the son of Joseph, and the Gospels record that Joseph
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  • Consent to an independent adoption shall be given by: *The [[Legal Guardian|legal guardian]] of the child if both parents are dead or if their consent is found to be unnecessary
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  • Consent shall be executed by the following persons: *If both parents are dead, then any two adult kin of the child within the third degree
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  • Written consents to an adoption must be executed by: ...her person whose [[Parental Rights|parental rights]] have been established by a court
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  • Consent to an adoption in a direct placement must be executed by: In an agency placement, consent must be provided by:
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  • ...o adoption or a permanent [[relinquishment]] for adoption must be executed by: **The other parent is dead.
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  • '''Consent of Child Being [[Adopted]]''' The court may waive the requirement of consent by the managing [[conservator]] if the court finds that the consent is being r
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  • ...n may also be filed by an agency or other authorized person. The following persons must be given notice of any hearing for terminating [[Parental Rights|paren *If the child is a nonmarital child who is not [[adopted]] or whose parents do not subsequently marry each other and whose [[paterni
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  • ...ive his mother had been murdered by her second husband, and his father was dead from alcoholism. ...ontact she refused to acknowledge their relationship, and she was murdered by her new husband in 1985.
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  • ...was born to an unmarried woman in Portland, Oregon, and adopted as a baby by a childless couple who then had five birth children. He felt an outsider in When he was 21 he was drunk and a passenger in his own car, being driven by a drunk friend, who crashed the car, leaving Callahan a quadriplegic. At fi
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  • the express intention of helping to culturally swamp the native peoples by increasing the white population. ...and usually housed in large children's homes instead of being fostered or adopted. This compares unfavorably with the treatment of the children on the US Or
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  • .../1/12/La_Tour.jpg/438px-La_Tour.jpg |410x579px|thumb|'''1640s oil painting by Georges de La Tour'''<br />Source:}} ...similarities to the [[adoption]] by the dead practiced in the 19th century by the [[Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints]].
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  • ...a, The Asphyx, Murder by Moonlight, Seal Morning, Lady Jane, Spirit of the Dead, The Dark Angel, and Piaf. [[Category: Adopted Persons]]
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  • ...e remained in [[Tonga]] for four years before being rescued, being tutored by one of his adoptive father's wives. [[Category: Adopted Persons]]
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  • known of her life until 1968, when she was "discovered" near Baltimore by the cult film director, John Waters. He cast her in a succession of strange ...ens for the Screen". Available at: [Last visited: 30 June 2004]
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  • ...Pennsylvania]] in 1778. A [[Delaware]] couple [[adopted]] her to replace a dead daughter (see also Shenandoah) and renamed her Weletawash, later Maconaquah ...o distrust white people, was happy in her life, and refused to leave her [[adopted]] tribe and family.
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  • and followed his career from the age of about 12. His birth father is dead. He did not learn of his adoption until he was 21 and it was a devastating Who's Who in [[New Zealand]]. 12th edition, edited by Max Lambert. (Auckland: Red Books, 1991)
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  • ...od, sometimes used as hostages, more often as slaves, and sometimes also [[adopted]] into the victorious tribe. ...but a high proportion of these were later [[adopted]] into the Nuer tribe by a formal ceremony and became totally integrated into the society and kinshi
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  • Henry Jackson and Pitt River Charley were captured as boys by the Klamath and Modoc people before 1864. They remained with their captors ...ey entered trances during ceremonies, when they would communicate with the dead, and during these dances song and teachings were revealed to them.
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  • [[Henry Jackson]] and [[Pitt River Charley]] were captured as boys by the Klamath and Modoc people before 1864. They remained with their captors ...ey entered trances during ceremonies, when they would communicate with the dead, and during these dances song and teachings were revealed to them.
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  • ...oah was born a Susquehannock Indian but he was captured during a war and [[adopted]] into the Oneida tribe. He rose to become one of their two paramount chief ...r tribes. The adoptee was usually intended to take the place of a specific dead person, often a war casualty, and in some societies had to become completel
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  • ...Ten-sqúat-a-way.jpg |410x579px|thumb|'''Ten-sqúat-a-way, Painted in 1830 by George Catlin.'''<br />Source:}} ...774) before they were born and their mother left them in 1779 to be raised by relatives, including older brothers and sisters (one of whom was the future
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  • ...e. He ran away and lived on the streets for a while, until he was taken in by a Miss Janey, who ran a café where he worked and where he slept on the flo Then after a series of dead-end jobs he took a job in a hat shop, where he met Admiral Perry, a custome
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  • ...maid, then a librarian and substitute (relief) teacher in [[Florida]]. But by the time she suffered a stroke in 1959 she was impoverished and when she di [[Category: Adopted Persons]]
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  • She was [[adopted]] by a Lakota family to replace a dead daughter (see also [[Shenandoah]]), but also retained her place in her birt ...ister of Crashing Thunder: The Autobiography of a Winnebago Indian, edited by Nancy Oestreich Lurie. (Ann Arbor: University of [[Michigan]] Press, 1961)
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