Who Can Be Adopted from Turkey

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Children in Istanbul

Because Turkey is party to the Hague Adoption Convention, children from Turkey must meet the requirements of the Convention in order to be eligible for adoption. For example, the Convention requires that Turkey attempt to place a child with a family in Turkey before determining that a child is eligible for intercountry adoption. In addition to Turkey's requirements, a child must meet the definition of a Convention adoptee for you to bring him or her back to the United States.

In Turkey, there are three categories of children who are eligible for adoption:

  1. Parents give their consent in court for the adoption of their child; or
  2. Social Services and Child Protection Agency qualifies the child for adoption by court order without the consent of the parents.

Consent of the parents is not required when:

1. Either parents or their whereabouts are unknown.
2. Parents are mentally ill
3. Parents are incapacitated
4. Parents are unable to take care of the child

When submitting a request to adopt, prospective adoptive parents may indicate from which of the two categories they would like to adopt. They may also choose to be considered for both categories. If they change their mind in the waiting process, they may submit a petition for the change.

Remember: As noted on the first page of this Country Information for Turkey, foreign nationals generally only can adopt children who cannot be placed with Turkish families or who have special needs.

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