Released on bail this week, Hannah Overton’s conviction and life sentence was overturned in the 2007 death of the foster child she hoped to adopt. The $50,000 bond was met, and an emotional reunion with her family ensued. She got to hold for the first time in seven years. Prosecutors continue to believe in her guilt and plan to try Overton again, reports ABC News.

Local television gathered reactions from the Overtons’ community. Overall, Hannah Overton has support from her family, her church, and the community. Hannah’s husband has stood by her side throughout the ordeal, firmly reinforcing his knowledge that she is innocent.

Overton was convicted of force feeding her 4-year-old foster child salt –- enough salt to kill him. She was also under scrutiny for not getting medical help fast enough. Hannah Overton and her husband thought they could get him to the hospital faster than waiting for an ambulance to arrive. After vomiting and exhibiting what the Overtons thought were signs of the stomach flu, the boys condition worsened and the couple drove him to the hospital. Prosecutors found evidence in the Overton home that led a jury to believe she was guilty. The jury convicted her of capital murder and she was sentenced to life in prison.

At Overton’s appeal, Dr. Michael Moritz, a salt poisoning expert, testified in Overton’s defense. “Even with today’s medical technology, under the best medical care, and in major medical centers, and even when it happens in the hospital, you die,” he stated, in reference to the accusation that the Overtons didn’t get medical care quickly enough. The doctor’s belief is that it was behavioral problems, due to the boy being born addicted to meth, which spurred the child on to ingest the salt on his own.

Being given the options of either dropping all charges, trying Overton on lesser charges, or retrying her for capital murder, Nueces County District Attorney Mark Skurka is so firm in his belief of her guilt that he has chosen to retry Hannah Overton.  A court date has not yet been set.