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Teresa Stinson and her sister, Vanessa, were both adopted. They grew up in a happy, joyful family, but had lots of questions about their beginnings. They were told that their birth mothers loved them to the point of giving them what was best, even if that meant they couldn’t raise them. But Teresa didn’t believe it–she didn’t quite believe that her mother wanted her.

But after Ohio made it possible to get birth records, 47 years after Teresa’s birth mother placed her, she located her original birth certificate. Her sister Vanessa found her match on an online Reunion Registry. They found that Teresa’s birth mother attended the same high school that her son currently attends. Finding her birth certificate led to the opening of doors and understanding of a past.

The opening of doors also led to peace for Teresa’s birth mother, Chris. Chris has been looking for her daughter for years.  This video is the beginning of their journey to know each other.

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