Jacqueline Charles, 67, grew up an only child, always knowing she was adopted. She loved her life and adoption was never an issue. It wasn’t until retirement that Jacqueline decided to begin a search for her biological family. Jacqueline and her new-found siblings confirmed their relation through DNA and were excited to reunite.

Their big surprise was finding a half-sibling born 16 years before Jacqueline. Just a year and a half older than Jacqueline are triplets, then one more older sister, who all grew up together. Although their mother never talked about Jacqueline nor their half-sister, the siblings knew that Jacqueline existed.

They were thrilled to be found and to search together for more family information through Ancestry.com.  Theirs has been a happy reunion.  Jacqueline is fond of saying that she is “an only child with siblings.”

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