How was your life as a child in foster care? Yasmin Mistry is creating a documentary to answer that question. The documentary focuses on women who share their personal life experiences as a child in foster care. They were very open and shared their highs and lows.

Charell Star shared, “Some homes were OK, but many were not. I did experience abuse, but was always able to maintain the hope that I would get to go live with my great-grandmother when she got better. That hope–coupled with the fact that I always loved school–helped me not internalize everything I was going through.”

Constance Iannetta stated, “though my placements were generally good, I was always challenging the rules set forth by the agency–9 pm prom curfew, not allowed to get a driver’s license, background checks needed for overnight stays at a friend’s house. I wanted to be a ‘normal kid.’”

There are nearly half a million children in foster care. Many stay for a couple years.

The overarching theme and concern is that all children need and deserve a loving home. And many do not receive that in the foster care system, either in a timely manner or at all. What are we going to do to make it a better system for our children?

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