At we love The National Infertility & Adoption Education Nonprofit Creating a Family!  This group reaches out to raise awareness, educate hopeful parents, train, and especially to find homes for innocent children who are waiting.

We were thrilled to find this blog post on the Creating a Family site.  Blogger Dawn Davenport shouts, “If you’ve adopted from foster care or are thinking about it, you’re sure to hear some version of ‘Are You Crazy?!?’”  Her post answers that question and more, with humor, insight, and real-life truths.  Not only that, Dawn encourages readers to share their experiences in the comments section, spread this information over social media, AND to embed her blog post, word for word, into their own blogs.  “Talk about the ultimate twofer,” Dawn states, “A great blog with little effort on your part, plus you’re helping find homes for the 102,000 kids who are waiting.”

Find the embed code and read all about Dawn’s advice when you’re asked “Are You Crazy?!?” on her engaging blog post here.