Many families choose to host adoption showers and celebrations to commemorate the forming of their family through adoption.  While adoptive families need essential baby items and anything else that helps with transitioning children into their families, it can also be wonderful for them to receive a gift that is just perfectly suited for adoption – one that recognizes the unique journey that has brought this family together.

When you choose to give a gift that is adoption-specific, you are sending the message that you “get it.”  You understand how long the family has waited or what they have been through to get to this point.  You value the notion that love conquers DNA and families do not have to match. In other words, giving an adoption-specific gift shows the person that you respect adoption and are supportive of them.

But have you ever tried to find an item with a message or theme specific to adoption? It can be rough. Up until recently, there hasn’t been a lot out there.

But recently launched a new store packed with all sorts of adoption-themed items. not only offers apparel and other gifts for adoptive families, it also sells shirts for biological parents and for expectant adoptive grandparents. It even offers items for new arrivals: Adorable onesies and infant beanies that are printed with messages like “Worth the Wait” and “Adoption is Another Word for Love.”

What makes this store unique is the wide variety of items available. It offers coffee mugs, books, cell phone covers, music, and bags (among other items) with adoption themes. One thing that visitors to this site will identify immediately is the overall adoption-positive messages that are prevalent on the available items.

Adoption is such a special experience for many families and children. Often, adoptive parents have waited a long time and have gone through many ups and downs during their journey. Help them celebrate with a gift from!