Catherine Pike Plough, author of the newly released novel, The Blu Phenomenon, is an adoptive mother. A former news journalist and current fiction writer, Catherine blends her writing skills with her real-life experience as an adoptive mother to share this fast-paced young adult novel.

But the novel is not only grabbing young readers. With an underlying message of global political change, the book is capturing the attention of many. Book reviewer Michelle Perry writes, “This was a mesmerizing read. While the story is about Cal, the story lines involving his friends keep the tale moving at a quick pace that tie together beautifully in the end. The adoption relationship is the true star of this book. This is a 5-star read.” Others have sung the praises of The Blu Phenomenonsaying that it “conveys a hope that the people of China will yet dream of ‘change,’” describing it as “an engaging read for all young adults—in particular, Asian and transracial adoptees will find that the cultural complexity presented will resonate with them in a deeply personal and profound way.”

Press Release Rocket quotes the author as saying, “Adoption, particularly international adoption, has changed the landscape of the U.S.” The Blu Phenomenon is a must-read for those looking to be entertained while engaging the mind in futuristic hope for the world.