Hi- As an adopted person I grew up not really ever recognizing or knowing the countless adopted persons in the bible, literature, politics and Hollywood. I wish I had known that, for growing up most children did not share openly in the 1950's that they were adopted. And I felt my sister and I were rare persons. We grew up next door to my cousins and across the street from my grandparents- and all shared similar features. It is good for adoptees to feel as if they are not rare or odd or so different but see that many families are formed by adoption
When I began my identity quest and searching for my birth family- I began reading countless books, articles and watched media on adoption. I discovered all the biblical adoptees- or those not raised by their biological parents: Moses, Esther, Samuel, Joseph, Jesus was "adopted" by Joseph. Then in literature there was Anne of Green Gables, Tom Sawyer, Oliver Twist, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, David Copperfield, etc. And adoptees in politics, Gerald Ford, Bill Clinton- adopted by stepfather, Micheal Reagan son of President Reagan, Newt Gingrich, and business men, Steve Jobs (founder of Apple Computers), Tom Monaghan- Dominoes founder, Dave Thomas Wendy's Hamburgers, and movie stars or children of stars: Ted Danson, Melissa Sue Gilbert of Little House on Prarie, children of George Burns, children of Roy Rodgers and Dale Evans, children of Nicole Kidman/Tom Cruise, children of Steven Curtis Chapman- Christian vocalist, etc.
It is great to share about adoptees in all walks of life, common folk and those who have aspired to great things. Not to obsess on this, but I would have LOVED to have been able to identify with other adoptees growing up- I am "reliving" my childhood and embracing the adoptees/orphans in literature and the bible! A fellow adoptee on one of my online adoption lists told me she never connected that Moses in the bible was adopted. And she found that very exciting as an adult!
Adoptees, share your experiences here- did you identify with other adoptees or those well-known adoptees growing up?? Adoptive parents, has your child favored an adoptee in the bible, literature or stardom/ celebrity??
Thanks for sharing! My favorites are Moses in the bible and Anne of Green Gables!
Do you have any adoptee role models in literature, the bible,authors, sports or celebrity status, that encouraged you or your child, Please share their name and how their story or example encouraged you, Can be fictional adoptees also from classic literature.
THANKS for sharing!
Jody Moreen ;)