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"Adoption.com is about bringing together the adoption community and giving them a place where they can have a voice." — Nathan Gwilliam, Former CEO of Adoption.com

Adoption.com started in a college computer lab in February 1997 and has been serving the adoption community for more than 20 years. During that time, Adoption.com has grown to be the world’s most-used adoption site, the largest online adoption community, the most successful indpendent adoption profiles site, the largest adoption reunion registry, the largest adoption social media following, and the most-read publisher of adoption articles, videos and other content. However, what brings us the most joy is being a part of the adoption journey of thousands of successful adoptive families, and thousands of reunited adoptees and birthparents. It’s kind of like living in a Hallmark movie. Thank you for letting us be part of your amazing adoption journeys.

Adoption.com is the platform for the adoption community. We invite you to join us, share your story and voice in the Adoption.com Community, and help us change the world through adoption.

Inside Adoption.com
the largest online Adoption Community 238,000+ members
the largest adoption site 1 MILLION+ pages of content
the largest adoption social following 450,000+ followers
Adoption Success Stories
Our Team

Oakley Jones Director of Adoption.com

Oakley loves to think outside the box and is always finding new ways to be innovative. In her spare time, Oakley is largely spontaneous, crazily adventurous, and mostly fearless. She loves to travel and experience new things all while creating laughable memories but seeing her kids' eyes light up when they experience something new is what she lives for.

Courtney Falk Content Manager & Editor

Courtney is an adoptee who has worked in adoption since 2017. Since earning her Bachelor's in English, she has explored her love for storytelling and editing in health and wellness, fitness, finance, film, and adoption.

Dhananjay Patil UI Engineer

Dhananjay manages UI Development for Adoption.com. When he's not developing, he likes to drive cars, listen to bollywood music and watch cricket matches.

Jules Phelps Creative Director

Jules runs the Creative Team. Creativity is a huge part of her life and skill she is always developing. She embraces every moment to the fullest and her ideal day is an adventure. Plus she has mad Idaho Pride. She loves being a mom and a wife. Fact: Jules is a regular at the Emergency Room.

Kaytlin Jensen Birth Mom | Adoption Support Specialist

Kaytlin placed a child for adoption when she was 18, she decided to use that experience to go into Social Work and now helps other expectant mothers who are interested in adoption. When she's not working she loves to travel to Europe with her husband and try all different kinds of food. She also has two dogs who love to be outside, go on adventures, and sleep.

Neeraj Malve VP of Development & Systems Admin.

Neeraj is a backstage player, managing the server infrastructure of Adoption.com. He is responsible for making sure that adoption.com is preforming well and running 24/7. He love hiking mountains and exploring new places.

Rebecca Wright Program Manager | Customer Service Director

Rebecca manages Parent Profiles, Reunion Registry, and provides customer service assistance to members of the adoption community. When she is not working, she can be found spending time with her family, working on crafts, or on an outdoor adventure.

Sachin Gupta Technical Support Manager

Sachin works as our technical support manager by assisting in countless tasks to help keep our site up and running. He helps manage our photolisting, Reunion Registry, customer service, and provides assistance with many other areas of our site. As well as being our technical support manager, Sachin is the father of two little boys. When he is not working, you can find him enjoying the outdoors hiking, traveling or playing a game of pool with friends.

Salil Kothadia Chief Technical Architect

Salil Kothadia has been in Leadership and Tech Architect roles for many years, with an eye for details and a passion for perfection. When he's not coding, he likes to read, learn about new technoligies and follows Formula One racing.

Samantha Mounts Manager of Finance & HR

Samantha has had her hand in the accounting, monetizing, operations, and customer service aspects of Adoption.com. With a Bachelor's degree in accounting from Brigham Young University - Idaho, her passion lies in the organization of the finances of the company. Samantha also takes pride in her roles as a wife and mother of two kids. Some of Sam's favorite things are puzzles, Harry Potter, and cookies.

Santosh Garudi Software Engineer

Santosh manages Adoption.com Website development. He loves adventurous hikes and watching movies.

Sonal B Marketing Manager

Sonal manages advertising & marketing strategy for adoption.com. She has over 20 years of experience in digital marketing. Sonal enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and watching movies.

Shirlee Davidson Client Services Director

Shirlee Davidson has been a part of the adoption community for the past 18 years. Because of her experience working with adoption professionals she can provide insightful and valuable marketing support.

Where We Work We love it here! (even when it’s -10°F)
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The Adoption.com headquarters is located in Eastern Idaho. We are 90 minutes or less from Yellowstone National Park, the Teton Mountains, Grand Targhee Ski Resort, and the Snake River with some of the best fishing and white water rafting in the US. So if you can’t reach us in the office, we may just be outside enjoying our amazing outdoors.

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