gift for adoption party?
What/are do bring a gift to an adoption party?? We have a ffm that is having a party thier son next week end and since we are new to this I am just wondering would be approriate ?
Friends are finalizing for their daughter next month and since they have three older kids I was going to get the whole family dinner gift certificates. I guess though it depends on the age, ect. If I were just buying for their 2-year-old I think I would get her a beautiful picture frame, savings bond, clothes, a Disney music CD or Celebration of Family CD (it has Happy Adoption Day on it.)
a lot would depend how old and how long he's been with the family?
if he is little, he'd probalby like a toy, like you'd buy for a birthday.
if he is older, a gift card for a store.
either way a personal message in the card welcoming him to the forever family
We had an adoption party when we adopted our three children. We received all kinds of gift cards like to
Wal-Mart McDonalds. Some people just gave the children gifts which was fine with us. We did get a nice poem about adoption in a very nice frame that we hung up in the family room. It may depend on the age(s) and how many children and so on.
Call and ask....
We asked our children what they wanted from mommy and daddy as a "family gift" for our dd's adoption and they chose a trampoline.

When people called to ask what dd might like, we explained their request. We did NOT call guests soliciting donations; we told maybe 5-6 people and they told know how that goes.

Our daughter ended up with a few cards, some toys, a beautiful poem on a plaque (for mommy), and a locket. Many others donated $5-$10 for the trampoline fund.

In the end they got the trampoline and with it ended up costing us very little. Our dd got a few gifts for her special day, and my son feel included as the trampoline was a "family" gift.

We also had dd choose a special notebook for the party and had each of the guests write something, one page for each person. Some were simple and some brought tears to my eyes when I read them. It is a wonderful keepsake of the day.
Thanks for all the great ideas.

The baby is 1 1/2 yo and has been with them for most of his life.
I think a gift certificate for a photographer to take a family picture would be nice, perhaps also a frame for the picture.
My favorite thing that we got at our daughter's adoption party was a book for children about adoption. The family that gave it to us wrote a lovely message inside. It is something we can all share together.
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