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looking for my brother who was adopted through catholic charities in tampa florida in 1980, the information given by bio-mom is
he was born January 30th 1980 his bio- parents are cleo, and heicko, last name Schultz
birth mothers maiden name to be identified by my brother. so no scammers.
Please if you are in here or if any one can help me find him please. I have been searching for 20 years. and have had no luck at all. He tried to call his bio-father once maybe 19 years ago that I know of according to the bio-dad. Baby boy Schultz if you are reading this please contact me.. at
I am a female born (to my knowledge) 7/31/77 in Clinton, MO. Adopted through Catholic Charities of Kansas City?
Looking for help in finding my husbands birth family. He was born Richard Patrick on 6/7/1977 at Mercy Hospital in Johnstown, Pa. He weighed 4 lbs 15 oz. Adoption was handled thru Catholic Charities of Johnstown.
August 25, 1961 Female born Washington, DC. Arranged by a Catholic priest. I was picked up by the priest at Georgetown University Hospital and handed to my adoptive parents. Adoptive father was a police officer. So frustrating that Washington DC records are sealed.
Looking for Birth Mother, I was born at Hamot Hospital in Erie Pennsylvania on 3-10-1980. I was adopted through Catholic Charities a couple days later. Thank you for life and the opportunities you gave me by doing so. Please reach out to me. I Really could use the medical history. Thanks
I (male) was born in Suffern, New York, in March, 1976, and was adopted through Catholic Charities about one month later.
Several years ago, I attempted to obtain information about my adoption through Catholic Charities (they offered non-identifying biological information), but was told that all of my records were destroyed in a 1996 fire. Does anybody have any idea what I can do?
sister born 1966/1967 saint louis mo., white female, name given linda gail last of hedrick? mother donna l. hedrick ,please email me at if you stayed there are have any info done through salvation army:love:
I am looking for my brother. His given name at birth was Anthony. His date of birth is May 23,1966. He was born at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. Our mother was at a Catholic Charities home for unwed mother's in Manhattan. I've registered with the office of vital statistics search registry as a birth sibling but never heard anything. I'm wondering if anyone has any information about the CC homes in Manhattan at this time or how I can proceed in my search for Anthony. Thanks for your help. My email is
Best of luck in your searches,
Looking for sister Born January 1970 at St.Peter's Hospital in Albany, NY.. My mother signed the papers at Catholic Family (or Charties) in Albany, NY.. I've been searching for 20 years, long before the internet access,.. Name giving at Birth was Christina... My mother was married & her husband also had to sign the papers.. They were separated & the child was not his... Our mother was living with her parents who refused to allow her to bring you home.. She also has been looking, she celebrates your birthday every year & has told us about you at a young age, so that we knew in case something happened to her.. She's 69 yrs old now, we are hoping to find you before she passes..If not you are our sister and we'd love to get to know you.. If your looking & this sounds like you contact me @
Hi Candy!
My husband was born at St. Peter’s in Albany April 1973. He received his original birth certificate yesterday.
I am still iso half brother born in new york in albany or in that area. My mother was from Rochester her madien name is Elizabeth Getman and he was born sometime around feb/march of 1973.
At least she thinks it was around easter. The adoption was handled by Catholic Charities and she was in a maternity home for a few months prior to having him. He was adopted before she even gave birth so adoptive parents where there at time of delivery. If any of this sounds familiar please let me know. Thanks
I was adopted through catholic charities in 1999. I know my birth parents, but the tricky part is what I am trying to find now. My birth father was adopted through Catholic Charities in Austin shortly after he was born in 1966. He was born Sep 1, 1966 in Austin, TX.
Hello, I am looking for a female born at St Vincents home for Unwed Mothers Philadelphia, PA, on April 11th or 12th in 1965 or 1966 (possibly even '64 or '63). Adoption took place in Wilmington, DE through Catholic Charities.