I want to have a Welcome Home Party for our daughter. She will be a year old when she comes home. I want everyone to met her expecially those that have supported our adoptions. I don't want to overwhelm her since she may have some attachment problems. How long should I wait so she doesn't freak out with so many people coming at her?
When we brought our first daughter home at 6 mo. of age I had the party within 2 weeks but, I don't feel that is enough time this time. Need opinions. Thanks:flowergift:
We brought our daughter home when she was 5 months old and our friends gave us a party within about 3 weeks of being home. I guess it would depend on how many people you plan on having at the party. A lot of people could be very overwhelming to a one year old.
We're having our 17 month old daughter's party soon, after she's been home about 3.5 weeks. It'll be a "come and go" for 2 hours, and my husband or I will hold her so no one else can.
Well, my son came home at 16 months of age (domestic placement) and we had a "welcoming party" two weeks later.
He LOVED it. We had it as an open house at our church and people could come and go as they pleased. It lasted about 2 hours. He did great. And he LOVED all the attention, being held, etc. Actually, he was running around more than being held :)
But I think it would depend on the baby and how they handle being around strangers, etc. What's good for one family/baby might not be good for another.
Whatever you decide, have fun and take lots of pictures for their memory book!
Our Daughter was 7 months old when she came home. We had (a cousin gave it to us) her welcome home party two weeks after she got back.
But I will say that Malea is quite social and has had no issues attaching and likes others as well... as long as we don't overwhelm her with too many people. We did have some rules, and still do, that people needed to follow..... we are the only ones who feed her, change her, get her to sleep etc.....
We also were at the party for only two hours and made sure it was after her afternoon nap.
Flora came home on a Friday night and was 1 year old the next Friday. DH's office had a party for her - we held baby passing. The next day was an open house at our house. I had everything brought in and told my friends/family that if they were close enough to be invited, they could serve themselves!
Flora LOVED the party - but she lived in a busy house in GC. We didn't pass her around & if a grandparent held her - we stayed in her sight.
(I was was time change, Halloween, Flora's arrival home, World Series win/parade, soccer party for our son - trying to keep his world normal...a crazy 10 days!)
Isabel will be 1 a few weeks after we get home so i thought maybe we would have a happy bday/welcome home/cook out type of thing. I want to see how she is adjusting first before we plan it.
My friends had a welcome home party for us 6 days after we got home. My son did great. He loved the attention. I let everyone hold him and several of my friends fed him and changed him. It's good for their socialization and adjustment. I've made sure he's been around people and parties since day one and I've never had any issues with him. He was 10 months old when he came home.
Well, we were different because of the holidays. Our son came home in the beginning of November and with Thanksgiving and Christmas, we ended up waiting until the end of January before having a welcome home party. I thought we kind of waited too long. We did it the day before I had to go back to work so it helped to have family and friends over to celebrate our new family!
We had the welcome home party right after we came home -- as in the next day. DH wasn't in country when I brought home our son in April and he really wanted to do it all up for our DD before he deployed again. He is going to miss her birthday and all of the firsts for the next several months, so I conceeded. We had just a few friends over (less than 20 including all their kids). I ordered out food which was served buffet style. Plus DS thought that the party was for him since he had his daddy back after he was gone for a week, and he had an orange balloon. :D
We had Jeremiah's welcome home party/baby shower one week after he was home. Everyone was excited about meeting Jeremiah, especially out of towners, so we decided to do it fairly quick. Although, there were so many family members at the airport the day we came home and that night at our house. We spent a while in Guatemala, so we bonded with Baby J before everyone tried to take him out of our arms the day we arrived home.
We actually had a "SURPRISE" welcome home party the night of our arrival. Family and friends had made banners and snacks and brought gifts for our daughter. We were exhausted, but we were very appreciative of all the love,support,time, and planning they had put into this for our family.