Adoption Subsidy Letter
Did anyone have to write an adoption subsidy letter. We have to write a letter requesting whatever amount of money we want per month and why. Then we start negotiations. I have no idea how to begin and I have to get this done today.
We are going through this right now. Because one of my FD daughters is extremely special needs, the adoption lady feels we should be asking for more than we get for foster care board. Its hard. We had to write a letter, get letters from therapist, letters from doctors, letters from foster case worker. We haven't even start negotiating. We were told when we received TPR on the girls in Aug. that the girls should be adopted by Christmas. At the rate and speed we are going we are looking more at Feb. or March which is SO disappointing. Good luck!
This is all new to us. The girls are our first placement and we had no tintention to adopt. We just wanted to be foster paretns. The girls have been with us 20 months. Everything was reunification, but made drastic turn and all of sudden we are adopting them and all of our stuff is due now. They also want us to be completed by xmas. We will see if we keep going at this pace or if there will be a slow down. My head is spinning right now. I am so happy we are adopting, but this is crazy and I feel completely lost at the moment.
We had to write a letter up. I can PM a copy to you if you like....just let me know.

Normally you explain why you feel you need the adoption subsidy...list issues with the child and why you need extra to help them.
I've never had to do it, but look at what you think future needs might be, in addition to the current stuff. My son is in his 3rd residential center. Wish I had known what I was in for when we signed the agreement 9 years ago.
Thanks everyone. I got it written and sent in. I sent a friend a copy and she helped me make it better. The thing is that My daughter has a lot of issues, but to me they are just a part of our daily life. It was hard to write it as an impartial person.
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