What to expect at TPR hearing?!?
We are set to have our first TPR hearing for Doodle Bug's biomom tomorrow. She basically hasn't done anything on her plan. But, I am still really nervous because I don't know what to expect, and I don't do well when I feel unprepared. For those of you that have gone to a TPR hearing, can you please tell me what to expect?
At the TPR hearing I went to, CPS systematically went through most of the last several years the family has been involved with CPS, the circumstances, the degree of neglect (they didn't discuss abuse at all for some reason), etc. Family members, CPS workers, the biodad, and I all testified.

It was long, eye-opening, and heart breaking. At one point in the biodad's testimony, I had to step out as his reasoning was SO convoluted (he said he didn't agree with a family member who allegedly threw his kid across the room in anger just after he had detailed breaking his wife's collar bone knocking her over a bed...never mind the extreme abuse his own children were subjected to by him!).
been to exactly 1 TPR trial. we were prepped before the trial by the ADA because i would be testifying .i had been supoenaed, so i wasn't allowed in until all other testimony was given.

after waiting in a small room for a few hours, i went in, was sworn in, and answered all of the questions that the assistant district attorney asked me. i tried to stick with facts, left out opinion--except for telling them how much i loved the kids--was questioned about wanting to keep them. that was mom's last complaint, that i'd only fostered to grow my family.

untrue, btw. i had 3 adult kids by that time!

i was not cross examined.

i left the stand and was allowed to stay to hear the summations and the judge's comments. they were very colorful. he actually thanked me from the bench. i was shocked.

then we left.
Did the judges in your cases give the ruling that day? We have heard not to expect a ruling tomorrow because sometimes this judge has taken up to a month to issue his decision. Is this common?
I haven't been there (yet) but I am wishing you the very best! Has your dept. prepped you? We have an adoption attorney and she told us to expect anything. Our judge has been known to make a ruling that day...up to 2 months later. Our Biological mom hasn't done a single thing on her case plan either and signed relinquishment. Even still, like you, I am anxious about the unexpected. Good luck to you!!! Update tomorrow. We go next week.
We haven't been prepped at all. Up until the end of last week we weren't even sure if the court was going to happen because most of the attorneys were on vaca last week. I am just hoping that it actually takes place and it isn't continued for later.
Neither we nor our children were prepped for the trial. They had to sit through a very detailed reading of the abuse and circumstances of them coming into care. Some of it was very adult and the children (10,12, 16) did not need to hear it. The birth parents did not show up for the trial, so the evidence included the efforts cps made, and the parents lack of effort. The 16yo had to testify; he was very confused and angry that they made him talk "bad" about his mom. The judge gave his decision about a week later and then we had to wait a month for the appeal period to pass. Birth parents did not appeal. We then had to wait another year and a half to finalize our adoption (due to caseworker incompetence and financial issues with the county).
Oh goodness gracious! Luckily our lil one is only 23 mo so she will not be there. After we finish with mom we still have Dad and there is just no telling how long this will all take. It seems so backwards that they talk about permanency so much yet from what I have seen with it taking so long to do anything permanency seems like such a foreign concept to me right now.
our judge didn't even recess before he made his decision. it was a very clear case
Thanks for all the input on your experiences. Our foster son's parents' TPR trial is this month. Though it's obvious to me that TPR should happen, I'm not sure that everyone else involved sees it the same way. I understand this particular judge always decides on the same day -- so at least it won't drag on (I hope).
We got the decision within a week. Usually, in our area it takes a month.
Our TPR hearing is coming up mid Feb. From what the CW tells us, the judge is not allowed to give a verbal decision and it usually takes a few weeks to get the written one.

We haven't been prepped at all yet. We haven't ever attended a court date for Curly. There has only been one since she has been in our home and we were unable to go. So unlike Curly's case where we knew EVERYONE, we have never met the law guardian, the DAG, the judge or either parents lawyers. We have met mom, once very briefly, but the TPR wil only be our second time seeing her.

We have NO idea how her case is going to go. I can only hope and pray this little princess gets permanency soon. With appeals and all the time they take, that isn't likely.

Good luck with your hearing!
I want to wish everyone good luck with their TPR hearings. I am scheduled to have them Jan 10 & 11th and Feb 1 & 2nd. Fingers are crossed that they actually happen (there's a last minute wrinkle with a relative trying to take one of the kiddos out of my home).
In our case they did TPR by show of proof. This means that the county stands up and gives a run down of this is what has happened and why TPR should be granted. The respondent parent stands up and says this is why it shouldn't. In the 9 (including ours) that I watched the day our Birth Mom was TPR'd the judge ruled every time right away.

Trials and hearings are more involved and sometimes the FPs have to speak. So that is usually why there is prepping done. In our case, we sat all day (8am to 3pm) and the "hearing" took less than 10 minutes. Birth Mom didn't show up, so basically all that happened was the county listed the reasons why she should be TPR'd, her attorney stood up and said "no objections." And it was done.
our judge didn't even recess before he made his decision. it was a very clear case

This was our situation also.

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