Hey, I'm new here. My husband and I are currently pursuing adoption of a sibling group of three girls (3,6,7). We are doing a rush home study in the hopes of being asked to the staffing in just over two weeks. It was a long shot, but the closer it gets the more things are looking like it *might* actually happen!
Because it is such an iffy situation (but then, what adoption situation isn't?), we have only told a few close family members and friends. We figure that IF we get the placement, then we will tell everyone else. Most people who know us are aware that we have wanted to adopt for some time, but few know we are actually trying right now.
So here is my question. If we do get the in the world do we announce that we are suddenly adopting three little girls?? I googled to find ideas and I couldn't find anything at all about announcing an older child placement, never mind three. Our family of three (we have one infant) could become a family of six, practically over night. Seems worthy of a little bit more than a facebook status update :P
If you have already adopted an older child, how did you announce it?
Our local paper still had 'birth announcements' and we simply submitted it like this:
Mr and Mrs XZY of (whatever city) announce the adoption of three children: Z, C, T on thus and such a date. Z was born (give date), C was born (give date) and T was born (give date).
Z, C and T have 2 brothers (whatever children you already have), R, aged 3yrs and K, aged 6yrs.
Hi-I'm new here but your post caught my eye. My husband and I are also in a rush homestudy to adopt 2 older children. Ours are 11 and 13 and we called and specifically asked about adoptiing them. The younger child was a student at my school that I got to know well last year.
I have had the same thoughts about announcements running through my mind as well. We were thinking about doing a family portrait with the wording- We joyfully announce the addition of _____and _____ to our family. Please look for our adoption announcement in the coming months. We have 5 adult children, some of who are out of state, so we don't think we can gather everyone together for the picture but that would be nice. My friend who is a photographer had suggested having us hold up squares with the words- It's never too late to live happily ever after" Although the children are thrilled we are adopting them and we are as well, I'm not sure about it. (that's a whole other long story that they know already and we already get to take them for visits) What are your thoughts?
Please consider hiring a local artist to do a card for you. For example I can make a sweet cartoon of any children I adopt with the graphics to announce it and then take that file and load it to many card making sites (vistaprint comes to mind) and have them print me as many cards as I like. It's cheap and is a wonderful way too share! Local art schools or craigslist can be sources to find artists in your area or online. Places like Deviantart are also good scouting places. I have done similar cards for dog birthday parties for about 20 it's super cheap and great to support someone. Try finding someone with art in a style you like!!!
My husband and I sent an announcement as soon as we could. I just went to Papyrus, now I think online services are just as beautiful and so much cheaper.
We also were able to get a short article in our local paper as a feel good public interest pieceӔ. This was a lot of fun, because it reconnected us with friends we had not been in touch with and made contacts with other adoptive parents in the area.
Wishing you the very best of luck in your journey!
My husband and I are currently going through the "process" of being approved to adopt. We are looking to adopt a sibling group of two older children (up to 10yrs old). He already has two older daughters (11 & 14) from a previous marriage. We were thinking we would send out cards that says something cute like "4 + 2 = 6, our family just got a little bigger" Since you can't include details like a normal "birth" announcement such as weight, length, time, etc. I suggest maybe giving a brief description of your journey. For example, "We started looking to add some new additions in September, we were matched up with our beautiful girls in March, and we officially became their parents in June. They are already growing accustomed to their new home and we couldn't be prouder!" Short, sweet, but allows everyone to kinda share in your journey a little bit.
Hope this helps! Good luck to you!
We got our photos done at a portrait studio on our adoption day. Then had them print out the announcement photo card and said "We are very pleased to announce the adoption of ___ and ___" with their new names. It looked really nice.
I did see some that used a general birth announcement with the "length" being the height they were at adoption. It was pretty funny.