We have already completed all of our training classes have filled out our application and have passed our background check. Our first of three home visits is finally tomorrow!
My question is: What did they ask you to change or fix around your house? I have been trying to prepare for weeks, but would love to hear your experiences.
We were able to get the list of things ahead of time but what we needed to do once they came
Lower the temp of the hot water tank
Write 1 year date from purchase on the fire extinguisher
Move sharp objects out of reach of small hands (in drawers or up high)
We also had to make a discipline plan
a complaint policy
an evacuation route
emergency contact sheet
Overall it was a lot easier than I was working myself up thinking about
Ask them for a homestudy list. We could have gotten one but I knew the req already and didn't need it. The biggies here are a fire extinguisher, smoke alarms, locked firearms, and no easy access to furnace and water heater. Of course theres the small things like locked meds/poisons/knives, but they weren't as concerned with those. Good luck! Our homestudy was a breeze. :)
Here, they did a walk through, and then gave us a list of things, what to do. Then, on the next home visit, they did another walk through, and verified that everything was up to code. :)
Child gates for stairways. No loose carpeting. Ky's list was way shorter than Oregon's was 8 yrs ago when we adopted our son. Other things I've heard mentioned from other states are-carbon monoxide detector if you have natural gas in your home. All windows are supposed to have screens in some places. Unused appliances have to be locked (like fridges)in the garage. All animals need proof of vaccinations. All cleaners, guns/ammo/alcohol and medications have to be locked up.
We had conversations about discipline in our families as children ourselves, and also about what it is like in our own family. Its more painless than you worry about preparing for usually.
I had a hook latch on the outside of a closet door to keep my two year old out. I had to remove it because it could be used to lock someone in. I also had to replace two windows (too small to meet code), but I was given 6 months to do so and given my license in the meantime.
Thanks everyone! It went really well.
They asked us to change a few things:
1. Add a smoke detector to the 3rd floor attic (8th one in our house!)
2. Add screen to the tiny window in a bedroom (there is a huge window in there too, with a screen already on it)
3. Put alcohol out of sight (we are accepting under 4)
4. Figure out how to put a gate at the bottom of the stairs too (there is only an iron railing on one side - not sure how we are going to do that!).
We have our individual interviews in 2 weeks. She is hoping to have us licensed by the end of May!