Does anyone have a sample reference letter that I can provide to my friends? I am trying to complete my homestudy docs and some of the people I have asked for references are more than happy to do it, but are holding everything up because they want a sample letter to get them started. sheesh! Can anyone help? One of my "peeps" has been sitting on this for two months!
BTW,...I can't find anything on line. Been there, tried that.
Dear Steph
I did not give my references a sample but wrote them a letter which gave examples of what my agency said to place in the letter i.e. length of time they knew you, describe strengths, character and how you would be or are a good parent. I told them to keep it to the point(not too long) but if they had anything else to add(positive) I would appreciate it. Also make sure they type in the jured(sorry about the spelling) statement Signed and Sworn.... for the notary at the bottom. If your references are out of town and need to find a notary themselves, having the statement on the paper helps the notaries get down the right info. Good Luck Denise
Two of my letters just came back from the state seal because they did not have the subscribed and sworn statement at the bottom...and now I have to have them redone. Here are two of mine (that I just re-typed so my friends can go and get them re-notarized):
May 16, 2003
To Whom It May Concern:
My name is .......... and I have worked with Christine ......... for five years at ......... High School. Through the years that we have worked together, I have learned just how special she is.
Christine works with special education students at the high school and she is an excellent teacher. She goes out of her way for the kids. Christine not only teaches academics, she is also teaches them about life and how to love and care for each other. As the students always say, She is our favorite.Ӕ
Furthermore, Christine plans special outings for our students every year. She has even taken money out of her own pocket to make sure they have a great day. The students come to Christine with their personal problems because they trust her over everyone else.
Christine and her husband Randy have been married for almost three years. During the last two years, they have wanted to have a child of their own to love. They have been to many different doctors to try to eliminate their problems. I have been there as they have hoped and prayed for their dreams to come true.
This baby they receive will be one of the luckiest babies. It will be coming into a loving household with two parents who will love her with all their hearts through eternity.
As they wait, I will be praying for them until their dreams come true. Should you have any questions regarding Christine or Randy ........... please feel free to call me at
Subscribed and sworn before me, this __________ day of ______________, 2003 a Notary Public in and for ______________ County, Michigan.
April 29, 2003
To Whom It May Concern:
I write this letter of reference for Randy and Christine ........ I have known Christine for three and a half years and Randy for nearly that long. Christine is a friend and co-worker at ............... She teaches Language Arts to special education students and is an invaluable member of our Special Education Services team. Her expertise with her subject matter and ingenuity in presenting it to her students, seem limitless.
Christine is a compassionate and generous person. She gets involved in the lives of her students and co-workers. She readily contributes her time and finances to assist students and friends wherever needed.
She and her husband wish to have a family and have sought to accomplish this through the newest medical technology available but have been unsuccessful. Their hearts desire as a couple is to bring a baby into their loving home to care for and raise.
Both Randy and Christine have a strong support system in their families and community. They are active in their church. It is my sincere hope that they will be able to adopt a child.
Please feel welcome to contact me with further questions or concerns.
Subscribed and sworn before me, this __________ day of _____________, 2003 a Notary Public in and for ______________ County, Michigan.
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