Hey adoptive parents!  Haven’t been to the Round & Round Rosie Blog yet? You might want to check it out—it’s a real treat. Rosemund Perdue was married when she and her husband adopted their daughter, CeCe, from China. Since that time the couple has divorced and Rosemund is now a single adoptive mom to an adorable daughter. She became an adoption advocate naturally, having had adopted friends when she was very young and always wanting to be an adoptive mother. Now, being in a place of life where she’s experienced a whole lot of life, including navigating international adoption, Rosemund is happy to help others. Some of that helping is through her blog, some of it is through other writing, and some of it comes through one-on-one contact.

The Round and Round Rosie blog recently shouted out 4 big things Rosemund would change about adoption if she could.  Those included:

  1. The hardship that comes from her child never knowing her birth family.
  2. The loss associated with being relinquished.
  3. Not knowing biological traits.
  4. Lack of medical information.

When I got a chance to visit with Rosemund, she shared with me four big things she absolutely LOVES about adoption. In Rosemund’s words:

  1. I love that adoption is a visible reminder of the overwhelming power of love.
  2. I love that adoption proves biology doesn’t equal love.  Bonds are not always formed by blood. Love doesn’t only come through a child you carry in your own body.
  3. Adoption is the ultimate win-win. Adoptive parents get a child to love and cherish; children who need parents get love and a stable home. There are few true win-wins in our world, but adoption is definitely one of them.
  4. I adore that there’s a bit of the Divine in adoption. An intangible that can’t be explained or fully controlled. I believe that the child you get is the child you were meant to have.

What do you love about adoption? What would you change if you could?

Rosemund invites all to interact through her blog, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.